This video has been making its way around the internet lately.  I had hoped to avoid such “trendy” things with this blog but this just fits too perfectly into some of my thoughts as of late.

John has gotten very good at recognizing our neighborhood and when we are on our way home.  Yesterday, while alone, I took a different route home and wondered to myself if John would recognize it.  I wondered just how big his world of recognition is – our neighborhood, Target, Winco, the park, church, etc.  How many things remain familiar to him.  As mentioned previously, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about parenting being similar to being a tour guide and I’m excited for some of the “attractions” yet to come for my boys.  While thinking about his familiar world, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to show him and Spencer other places – Europe, beautiful national parks, new animals at the zoo, Disneyland, (which I’ve never even been to), the list could go on and on.  To add to it, the other day, John was pointing out a rocket ship on a pillow case.  He kept calling it a fish.  I tried to explain that it was a rocket and you could tell because it was surrounded by stars and the moon.  I tried to explain that it was like an airplane but went really, really high, even up by the moon.  He is somewhat enamored with planes right now, running to the window every time he hears one and saying, “Plane?  Fly?  Air?  High?”  Some day when he is a bit older and starts to understand the concept, the idea of rocket ships will surely blow his mind.  I am excited to be able to introduce him to such things.

I also wonder, what are the spiritual rocket ships that Heavenly Father is eagerly awaiting to explain to us when we are able to understand the concepts involved?