I know that some day, (if not already), my boys will think, “Life isn’t fair!”  And it’s true.  Life is definitely not fair.  We can’t have fruit snacks for every meal of the day.  (Or, in my case, KitKats.  But oh, do I wish I could!?)  Sometimes the car breaks down, and it is usually at the same time as another financial crisis.  Will pouting and whining help?  Definitely not.  Will dusting off your knees and getting to work help?  I’d bet yes.  Another help is to be grateful for that which you have.  Be grateful you even have a car.  Or grateful that you got fruit snacks as a snack.  (Hence their name…not fruit dinner, fruit snack.)

I saw this video quite some time ago but the message has really stuck with me that life may not be fair, but when looking at things from an eternal perspective, we definitely come out on top.  We may not win every battle but, through Christ, we have already been given the gift of victory in the war.

The promise that, if faithful, we can have “all that the Father hath” makes it a lot easier to cope with the relatively small injustices we need to overcome during mortality.  However, at times they do not feel very small and it can be difficult to look beyond our current circumstances.  Herein lies the importance of doing the little things to keep the Spirit in our lives.  I, for one, am not blessed with distinct, powerful impressions every time I read the scriptures or say a prayer; it is those little things that help me to keep the Spirit close and that lead me to bits of inspiration and gifts of patience, (an important one as of late), comfort, and knowledge in the time of need.