From the April 2013, Ensign, p. 8.

One of my ulterior motives for starting this blog was to motivate me to really study the Ensign magazine as it came.  Now that it is May 21st, I finally finished reading the April edition.  (Not because I scrutinized each word but because I wasn’t very diligent in reading.)  I want to mark up the magazine and go back once finished to share some thoughts about things I’ve learned.  I thought of just doing one big blog post for each full magazine but that may get a bit time consuming.

I really liked this idea of studying the conference talks together as a family.  The article explains how this family buys a copy of the Ensign with conference talks for each family member and then they have an assigned talk to study each week and then share their thoughts at FHE.  I think it would be a great way to really hear each other’s insights rather than just reading through the talks to get through them.

I used to have the assignment to teach the RS lesson from the conference talks and I loved it because I learned so much more than I did when I just read the talks (or if I didn’t even read them but just heard them at conference).  I’d had the idea of preparing a talk on each one just as a study tool but I have yet to be that motivated.

I hope that, when the boys are a little older, we will be able to incorporate this manner of study into our family activities.  For now, I’ll be happy with this –