I had the privilege yesterday of attending Little Eli’s funeral.  The words that were spoken and many of the feelings felt are too precious for this forum.  However, there are a couple of thoughts I wanted to share.

First, I am so grateful for my knowledge of the Plan of Salvation.  Knowing that Liz and Logan will one day be able to hold their little baby once again is what got me through yesterday.  It will most definitely be a sweet and marvelous reunion.

Second, I am grateful for the knowledge that God is in control.  Eli passed away about 1 year after Liz and Logan first learned they were pregnant.  Learning of pregnancy brings with it a wave of emotions including thoughts of what this little baby will be and what the future holds.  As parents, you cannot help but start planning.  Planning everything from the nursery plans to thinking about what sports you hope your little guy or girl may play to what books you want to read to them.  Certainly, the future that occurred was not the one planned by these young parents.  In spite of that, they have born it with grace, finding comfort in the knowledge that a larger plan is being played out.