I have no doubt that my little boys will grow up to be amazing men.  They are surrounded by great men that are such examples to them.

It is no secret that I’ve always been a bit of a “Daddy’s Girl”.  My dad is one of the most amazing men that I’ve ever met.  No one does a better job of keeping a level head and is such an example to me of not “sweating the small stuff”.  I wish we got to see him more often.

When I did the post about my siblings-in-law, I did not include anything about my parents-in-law but, it should be implied by the awesome kids that they raised, that they are pretty wonderful themselves.  I most definitely hit the jackpot in the “In-Law Lottery”.  Here is LJ with Grandpa from this past weekend.  I kind of love this picture and how genuinely happy LJ looks to be out camping.

And last, I am so grateful that my boys have such an absolutely magnificent father.  I definitely “married up”.  Here are a couple of photos of Doug spending time with his boys.  In the first one, I like how LJ is looking at Doug.  You can tell how much he loves his Dad.

And here are a couple of videos of the silliness that goes on in our household.  I’m so grateful for a husband who is more than willing to be silly with the boys and just have fun.  The first is from yesterday afternoon.  After Dad and LJ got back from camping they were in the backyard doing some cleaning when a little water fight ensued.  LJ was so extremely excited to be able to spray Dad.  (And, for future reference for Uncles Greg and Jason, he is sneaky about it.  He’ll lure you in close while pretending to clean off his hands or something with a light trickle, then spray you in the face.)

Lately, LJ has been very good at helping us drive around.  We hear a lot from the back seat.  “Red means stop.”  “Green means go.”  As a quick aside, he has an alarm clock that turns green when it is time to get up. As soon as it changes, he yells, “Green means GOOO!!!” and goes sprinting out of his room.  Since he has been so into red light, green light lately, I decided to make a little picture that I could flip back and forth.  (You may notice that LJ finally got a haircut!  More on that later.)