“Can a woman forget her sucking child?…yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.”  This verse has always been a “ponderer” for me.  And when I became a mom, it was even more so.  I always knew that the Savior is better at caring for His children than I would ever be but I just didn’t see how a woman could forget her sucking child.  I feel like they are always on my mind.  (See this post.)  I do know that I will one day forget to pick them up from school or some activity or something.  (Doesn’t that happen to everyone?)  And I know I will feel terrible about it.  However, to really “forget” seemed impossible.  I say “seemed” because I finally gained an understanding of what it meant.

The last few days I have been down and out with a bad cold/flu.  My temperature has been up around 103 and I’ve just been completely fatigued.  It seemed every muscle and joint just aches.  To make matters worse, Dad is gone working graveyards at night and, with sick kids, I’m not getting nearly enough sleep at night to try to fight off the cold.  (A quick disclaimer:  In no way am I trying to diminish others’ trials.  I know many people deal with greater trials as I do and I am grateful for the good health I have.)  With the amount of fatigue, there were times that I had to put my need to sit down for a few minutes ahead of the boys’ needs.  I felt bad about it but I knew that I needed to put my needs in front of theirs for the sake of being able to function as a mom during the rest of the day.  This scripture came to my mind as I thought about the Savior saying that He would not “forget” [me].  He would never put his needs above mine, or yours.  Somehow, someway you and I are always at the very top of His priority list.  He will never be too tired or exhausted to rush to our aid.  What an amazing blessing!