The Lion has always been very willing to flash a big grin at anyone willing to smile in his direction.  Today, at church, he kept smiling back at the lady behind us.  She leaned forward, grabbed my arm, and said, “He is just so very cute!”  (I agree, but am a bit biased.)  While thinking about it tonight, I considered how much a smile can make someone’s day.  I hope that throughout his life The Lion will have opportunities to provide a little joy in the lives of others.

LJ has recently become bound and determined to make The Lion smile and it is sweet to watch how excited he gets when he is successful.  I really don’t know who laughs more – LJ doing the tickling or The Lion being tickled.  They are sweet, wonderful boys and, again, I hope that their brotherhood will always provide them with happiness and someone to go to when you need a smile.  (You know, once we get past the head-butting and hitting stages.)