Dear LJ,

Two weeks ago, Dad and I left for week while he had Welcome Week for Pharmacy School.  I came back early and we headed over to Twin with The Lion to spend time with Grandma and Grandpa.  The plan was for you and I to share a room but you surprised us with your desire to sleep in a “big bed”.  This meant that you and I had to share a bed.  Your separation anxiety was a little high after Dad and me being gone and so frequently this meant I would go to bed at the same time as you – for naps and at bedtime.  Between that, and our daytime activities, that was a lot of time spent together in the same space.  At times, it got a bit trying and we seemed to get a bit frustrated with each other but the majority of the time it was a lot of fun to be with you so much.

You have recently started to be quite proficient at putting words together and it is quite entertaining.  (The Lion has also started crawling while Dad’s been gone and so I think he may feel like he really missed out on a lot this past couple weeks.)  You listen to songs from the Children’s Songbook at night.  It didn’t help me sleep very much but it was cute waking up to you singing “Teach Me to Walk in the Light” or saying, “Child of God, Child of God!  Like this song!  Mom, sing!”  You were also very sweet at combing your fingers through my hair to wake me up.  It is amazing how gentle you can be when you want to considering how busy and active you are.

Without Dad around, I became your playmate.  We had a lot of fun playing “Sprinkler Gauntlet” where we tried to touch all the sprinklers in a row without getting wet.  You decided to add to the level of difficulty by requiring me to do it while kicking a ball too.  The phrase “Mom, touch that sprink!” may haunt me for weeks since I heard it so much.  Grandpa built you a sandbox which we had a lot of fun playing with as well.  You would say, “Play sandbox with Mom.”  It made me feel special that I was invited.

One of the days, we decided to go for a walk at the temple.  You could have watched the “waterfall” (read: fountain) all day long.  It is very cute the way that you pronounce Moroni (“Morn……eye!”) and I was really impressed that when you saw Grandpa’s copy of “For the Strength of Youth” a day or two later that you pointed out Moroni and said his name.  Later in the week, I came out in church clothes and you really wanted to come with me to the temple.  It was very sweet and your desire, whether to go to the temple or just spend some more time with me, meant a lot.

You certainly are quite the magnificent young man and I am so grateful to call you mine.  You make me proud of the boy that you are!