A couple of weeks ago in Relief Society, we were discussing the talk “For Peace at Home” by Elder Scott from the April 2013 General Conference.  He states, “Do all you can to have [a Christ-centered] home.  Reach out to those living in adverse circumstances…Welcome into your home others who need to be strengthened by such an experience.”

When I was growing up, I had a friend, Melissa, whose home always exuded a feeling of peace.  It always felt nice to be there.  I spent many days (and nights) there during high school.  It really struck me that Melissa’s mom would always come to the bedroom door before bed and say, “I love you girls.  God bless you.  Sleep tight.”  They slept with their bedroom doors open which was much different than at home where my room was directly off the kitchen so I always had my door closed.  It seemed there was something symbolic about Melissa’s close-knit family and their “open-door policy”.

One of the sisters in Relief Society talked of how her mom always knew her friends favorite treats and snacks and would be sure to have them stocked up at their home so her friends would feel welcome there.  I remember my mom buying 7 jars of pickles and taping the letters of “Melissa” on them.  Melissa loved pickles so much that it became somewhat of a nickname for her.  (No one in my house ate pickles but my mom bought them anyway.)

Someday, I hope to invite others into my home in a similar way with an open-door policy and jars and jars of pickles.  On second thought, maybe I should tell the boys to only be friends with people who list rice-krispie treats or diet-killer cookies as their number one treat or snack.