I am currently stuck in a trying situation.  I will avoid going into detail here but it is heartbreaking and frustrating.  On Thursday, it seemed there was going to be a door to open that would lead to an almost ideal situation and that door was not opened.  I cried harder than I have in a really long time when I heard the news.  It wasn’t until then that I realized just how much I was hoping for a change.  After overcoming the initial disappointment, I was extremely frustrated.  I feel that my reasons to desire a change are very righteous ones and do not understand why the change would be delayed when it seems it is very easily something that could happen.

Last night, and again while driving to work today, I kept remembering two conversations I had with my mission president.  It was a similar situation.  I was in a difficult spot and felt that certainly, with all that was going on, that transfers would lead to a change for me.  They did not.  I was disappointed and frustrated.  In those instances, President Kirk told me, “Sister G, your day in the sun is coming…I know that this is a difficult situation for you but the Lord needs you here right now.  You have characteristics and attributes that those around you need to gain.”

As those words continued to run through my mind, the answer was confirmed as the spirit whispered, “Anne, I love you and I believe in you.  I know you are frustrated and it doesn’t seem to make sense to you that the change did not occur.  Please know that there is a reason.  I need you to remain in your current situation – not for you but for those around you.  You can be a force for good in their lives.  Will you please sacrifice your plan a bit longer so that I can use you for that purpose?  Your day in the sun is coming.”

Well, that makes it a lot easier to continue on with the current situation.  (However, it still isn’t “easy”.)  The title of this post comes from a talk that is in my “Top 5 Talks that Continue to Change My Life” list.  It can be found here.  Just click it and turn it on in the background if you don’t have time to give it your full attention.  I love it and used to listen to it once a month.  I may have to start doing that again to help as we continue on this current path.