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Last summer, Grandma Linda gave LJ the above pillowcase. He loves it. (Thank you to Uncle Greg for the hand-me-down. You know, now that you have been home for 5 years, I think you don’t need it anymore.)
LJ listens to primary songs at bedtime and through the night. The other morning, Doug was leaving his office, (he gets up super-duper early to study before the boys are up), and the song “Army of Helaman” had just started.  LJ grabbed Thumper and said, “Here Thumper, we can learn to be missionaries!” Then he proceeded to “read” the pillowcase to Thumper.
Maybe all that talk of serving a mission is sinking in…
Plus, the pillowcase sometimes helps to encourage him to do the things listed. And what parent wouldn’t want their kid doing those things?