Photos by Busy Bee Photography

Every Christmas season, I find myself thinking of those who were notified of the Savior’s birth.  They were the humble, (the shepherds), and those who had studied the scriptures, (the wise men).  We need to strive to have those characteristics and habits at this time when the Savior is preparing to come again.  We need to be humble in order to feel the gentle promptings of the Spirit and we should study the scriptures diligently and frequently so that we understand the ways in which the Spirit communicates with us.  Helaman 14 talks of the lights in heaven that are the signs of the Savior’s coming.  For his second coming, we are those lights.  We have been called to give light to others and help them to find the path of the Lord.  The same commission that was given to John the Baptist in Luke 1:79 is given to us to prepare the world for the Second Coming of Christ.  As we humble ourselves, search the scriptures diligently and find ways to serve others and share the light of Christ with them, we are able to celebrate the Christmas message.  I am grateful for this season and the peace and joy that it brings.