I had a conversation with a coworker about how, at dinnertime, she and her family always discuss their favorite parts of the day.  We concluded that is important to talk about the hard things from the day as well and came up with the idea of “Sweet and Sour” time where each family member tells about something sweet and something sour from that day.  In a parenting class that I attended last semester, we discussed the importance of talking about CTR, (“Choose the Right”), moments each day.  When trying to think of a way to incorporate that and pondering on the days activities and the number of times I heard, “This toy is mine!”, I thought it may also be beneficial to include a “Goal of Tomorrow” section.  Even our oldest is probably too young to get the gist of it but I figure we can start now and he’ll catch on later.  I feel it will be a great way to teach what to pray about as well as the daily goals being a way to teach a bit about repentance.

I’ve been brainstorming the best way to do this and thought I would come to you all for advice.  I thought about doing a dry erase board that we have either downstairs to use during breakfast and dinner or upstairs to use during morning and bedtime prayer.  (I don’t love the idea of having it downstairs because I don’t want it to be a public thing but I want to be able to remember the goal during the next day.)  It could just have a grid that has each person’s name along the top for the columns and then rows for the 4 things – something good, something bad, CTR moment and do better goal.  Does anyone do something like this already and have some do’s and don’t’s?  Would it be better/easier to split it into 2 activities – maybe the good/bad at dinner and the CTR/goal-setting at bedtime?  I’m usually at work at dinnertime and bedtime which is difficult to find the best time to do this as well.  I do try to talk to LJ on the phone each night and so maybe we could incorporate it into that.