Doug and LJ are out shoveling driveways in the neighborhood.  I happened to glance out and couldn’t help but smile as Doug and our neighbor, Mr. Gene, were watching LJ stomping in the snow.  LJ frequently wants to go visit our neighbors with Dad.  It is sweet to see the pride in Doug’s eyes whenever he is with LJ.

It reminded me of a talk at Stake Conference a few years ago.  In it, the speaker discussed how Heavenly Father introduces his son.  He has so much respect and love in his description of “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased.”  Could that be an example to us of how to introduce our children?  Usually I want to say, “This is John.  He’s 3 and all that entails.”  Instead, maybe I should try something like, “This is my son, John.  I think he is a great boy and I’m glad you got to meet him.”  I think that even just the “my son” part adds enough to give the kid a little boost of warm fuzzies, don’t you think?