This morning I was emptying the dishwasher and kept thinking about how I should let LJ do it after breakfast.  (He is actually quite competent at it.).  However, it was going to be a busy morning so I decided to just do it rather than letting him in on the action.

Another thing on my morning to-do list was to call the temple and add a name to the prayer roll.  I had planned to do that before LJ came downstairs because who wants to call the temple and have a crazy rambunctious kid in the background?  As it was, I got so involved putting dishes away that I didn’t have time to call the temple.
I ended up calling while LJ was finishing up breakfast.  As is usual, after hanging up, I underwent an interrogation of who I called and why.  I explained that I’d called the temple so people there could pray for my friend because there are powerful prayers in the temple.  He said, “I like powerful prayers!”.  He continued to ask about my friend who was sick.  I did my best to explain in kid-language that she had a growth on her brain that they needed to look at.  (I think the idea of being at the doctor all day was enough to gain his sympathies.). 
I thought maybe a picture of my friend would make it more tangible for him and so I found her fb post from this morning and showed it to him.  He looked at the picture, said we should say a prayer too and went to kneel down in the living room.  Later, when The Lion got up, the first thing LJ wanted to do was show him the picture too.
I definitely struggle with putting the boys in the game – whether it being with household chores, cooking or spiritual matters.  I was definitely taught this morning the importance of letting them observe and be involved.  I am so grateful for those moments this morning where I was both the teacher and the student.  I was touched by LJ’s faith in the power of prayer and his understanding of the gravity of the situation.