Noah’s reason to try slay Abinadi is that Abinadi is causing contention.  This is true in the senses that those whose hearts are pricked by Abinadi’s words will not stand for the way of life of Noah.  I feel this is a way in which people can be blindly led away since Noah has a valid point in trying to avoid contention.
How often, in our day, are righteous people or causes pushed out of the mainstream or silenced because they would upset the “apple cart” of our corrupt society?  It is so difficult to find a family-friendly TV show or movie.  (And if we do happen to find one, we are lucky if there are not some horrible commercials on – just a plug for Netflix and no commercials.)  What can we do to seek out the Abinadi’s of today and their messages?  How can we shift the mainstream to accept the righteous and not seek to push them out?  (For the record, I think that last question is impossible.)

Update:  After writing this somewhat depressing and discouraging post, I attended the broadcast of the Groundbreaking for the Meridian Temple.  The opening hymn was “High on a Mountain Top“.  Maybe it is because the lyrics were on a big screen and not in a book but I paid more attention.  The second and third verses, in particular attracted my attention.

2.  For God remembers still
His promise made of old
That he on Zion’s hill
Truth’s standard would unfold!
Her light should there attract the gaze
Of all the world in latter days.

3.  His house shall there be reared,
His glory to display,
And people shall be heard
In distant lands to say:
We’ll now go up and serve the Lord
Obey his truth, and learn his word.

Some day the temple, (and the gospel), will draw the attention of all the world.  Some day…