Dear LJ,

You’ve had some very sweet moments lately.  First, we had a literal sweet moment during our date yesterday.  We went to get ice cream at Dairy Queen.  You got a Midnight Truffle Mini-Blizzard and I got a Double Fudge Cookie Dough Mini-Blizzard.  I love going on dates and getting to spend time with just you.  Yesterday, we would eat a few bites of our Blizzards and then announce time for a trade and we would switch so we each got to taste a bit of both flavors.  (A bit gross for germaphobes but great for us chocoholics.)

Tonight, The Lion was a bit premature in all of his goodnight hugs.  You were still reading books and he kept interrupting in order to give you hugs.  After one of the hugs, you looked up and said, “I think Spencer loves me!”  Then, the next time he gave you a hug, you held him tight and said, “I really love him too!”  Way to melt a mom’s heart, kiddo!

Prior to coming upstairs you had taken a little too long to put your toys away.  You did a great job putting them away but not fast enough for the time cutoff in order to get to play in the sprinklers.  As you gave Dad his goodnight hug, you said, “I’m sorry I did not put the toys away fast enough.”  You have become very aware of others’ feelings and you are usually, (you are 3 after all), very considerate of those feelings.

I’m grateful for the moments to see your developing character and get glimpses of the future man you will be.  I feel so lucky and blessed to be your mom!  In the episode of “Conversations” with Sister Beck, she talks about how her children were just these presents from Heavenly Father and all she had to do was unwrap them.  (Speaking of that talk, you should definitely listen to it – I know I’ve mentioned here before that it changes my life every time I listen to it.)  At times while opening the present that is you, I come across some tape that is particularly difficult to remove but I can see that inside the package is an absolutely amazing man who will do great and wonderful things with his life.

I love you, Johnny!