I know they always say that instead of worrying about if the grass is greener somewhere else, you should just focus on watering your own grass, but sometimes I like to just go check out the other grass.  On the way home from preschool today, LJ and I were driving around a nearby neighborhood.   Today, it led to the following conversation:

LJ:  Will we get a house with a big yard today?
Mom:  Nope.  Not today, bud.  Probably not for at least another 5 years.  It will probably be about when you get baptized.  (He seems to relate everything to being eight and baptized.  And apparently, I’m in denial that he turned four since he will be nine years old in 5 years.)
LJ:  Mom!  I can’t get baptized until I know if the church is true!
Mom:  That’s right, buddy.  How do you think you can know if it is true?
LJ:  I’ve got no idea!  (This is a common phrase as of late.)

Needless to say, we talked a lot about how we can pray to know if the church is true.  We talked about how we feel when we are at church, when we pray, when we read the scriptures and when we listen to General Conference or the choir.  He wanted to add the desire to know into his personal prayers.  I told him that I say special prayers for him every day and asked if he would want me to add that to my prayers.  He said he did and also wanted Grandma Linda to pray for him to be able to know if the church was true.

Then, I told him that I didn’t know the church was true until I was “really old”, like 23.  He wanted to know why and I told him that I grew up in a different church and that I didn’t even know what the “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” was until I was 23.  I was then reminded of a thought I’d had on Sunday.  Our primary chorister was teaching the senior primary kids the song “Scripture Power”.  One of the boys was walking in from getting a drink of water and just started singing along right away.  He looked nice in his suit and gave a quick smile at me as he walked by, singing all along.  All of the primary kids impress me in so many ways and this young man just comes across as stalwart and firm in his testimony of the gospel, and particularly, his testimony of Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  That momentary interaction with him, struck me with strength of his testimony and just how lucky he, and all the great kiddos we have in primary, are.  They are so lucky to have the primary program and gospel-loving parents to help teach them and guide them when they are young.  As a mom, I feel so lucky to have LJ and The Lion be able to learn such eternal principles at such a young age.  They are principles and doctrines that will provide them with strength and comfort through the many difficulties and trials they will face in their young lives.