We’ve been doing a little advent scripture chain each day.  A couple of days ago, we were reading about Joseph and Mary needing to go to Bethlehem.  In discussing it, we talked about how she rode on a donkey.  Clearly confused about this method of transportation, John said, “Why didn’t they drive a car?”  Doug explained that they didn’t have a car and that no one had cars. John then asked why they didn’t ride a bike.  Doug explained that, like cars, there were no bikes.  He pondered that for a moment but then countered, “But Jesus could show them how to make a car.  He showed Nephi how to make a ship!”  I am frequently impressed with the logical faith of my little guy.  He has demonstrated that he truly expects to see miracles.  (Maybe, in his mind, they aren’t “miracles,” they seem so likely to happen.)

I need to be better about expecting to see miracles in my life.  Although, taking a moment to consider that statement, I guess the truth of it is that I need to be better about recognizing miracles in my life.  They really do happen every single day whether they be little tender mercies to let me know that the Lord is aware of me and my stresses and trials.  (I was going to go off on another tangent but realized I already covered it here.)  But really, safe traveling, quiet family meals after a long day, coinciding naps, just the right song coming on the radio at just the right time, these things are miracles.  I was having a particularly difficult day the other day and I turned on the Mormon Channel.  The program right then was one that talked about different hymns and played different arrangements of a particular hymn.  The hymn on that episode was “Lead Kindly Light” which, if you didn’t know, happens to be my absolute favorite hymn.  Its lyrics were also something that I desperately needed to be reminded of at that moment.  Miracle!

Go forth expecting (and recognizing) the miracles in your life!

One last miracle from me.  These guys here love me!  That is miraculous!  I mean, I know I am super-duper amazing and all that but, come on!  Have you met these men?  They are pretty extraordinary and for some reason they all think I’m marvelous!