Here is my conversation with John on the way to church this morning.

John:  Mom, I noticed something about Jesus.
Mom:  Oh yeah, what did you notice?
John:  I noticed that you can’t see him but you can feel him in your heart.
Mom:  That’s right.  How does he make you feel.
John:  He makes you feel loving.
(We’d had a “torment your brother morning” so I decided to toss in the following.)
Mom:  Sometimes it is hard to feel him if we are mad or being mean.
John:  But you still feel him.  When you are angry it is like there is a little storm inside of you and Jesus can calm the storm.  I learned that from my father!

I guess it was one of those days where I was the one being taught.  Love this little boy!  I hope he always has that understanding that Jesus can help you get through any emotion and that, if you let him, you can always feel him in your heart.

Then, to make up for all the tormenting earlier, he insisted on serving Spencer multiple glasses full of water during our evening treat.  We told him that we were grateful for all the serving but he really needed to stay in his seat.  He responded, “I’m busy serving my best friend!”

As far as that best friend, this morning Doug was already at church meetings and John was still asleep so I brought Spencer into our room and just snuggled with him.  He has always been a snuggler and I’m sad that one day he will surely grow out of it.  Today, I whispered to him, “I love you” and in his little voice he said, “Love you too, Mom.”

Oh, it was a good day.  I’ll take another one for tomorrow.

Lead image from Unsplash