A couple of days ago, we sat down for breakfast and John asked me to say the opening prayer.  I asked Doug who he would like to say the prayer and he said that was fine.  At the end of the prayer, we opened our eyes to find John wiping tears from his eyes.  For the record, he does not cry (outside of power struggles) often.  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen him cry in that type of situation where his feelings were hurt.  Being a mom, my eyes started to get moist and I asked him what was wrong.  He whimpered, “When do I get to pick who says the prayer?”  It led to a great conversation about the Priesthood and the role of presiding.  Since it was Monday, (oh, look at that, it was yesterday not “a couple of days ago”), John and I worked on the FHE lesson.  As we did so, we talked again about what the role is to preside and how it a blessing that Doug is able to do that for our family and guide us in that manner.

Our Greatest Blessings

As for Spencer, he seems to be really in tune with me lately.  We just sort of understand each other.  A sweet moment happened last week during mealtime.  I caught his eye and, as we were looking at each other, I started marveling about how he is just so “me”.  He looks a lot like me when I was young and we have some of the same mannerisms  I was just thinking, “Man, I love this boy!”  Right as I had the thought, he smiled at me and said, “Mom, kiss me!”  He climbed down and came over so I could give him a kiss on the forehead.  Nothing like that had happened before and I felt like maybe he was really able to tell what I was thinking (and that he maybe loves me as much as I love him).