The other night, I felt prompted to take a different route home from work.  I wasn’t excited about the prompting because it meant my commute would be about 20 minutes longer.  However, I obliged (and later learned of an accident that had traffic at a standstill on the freeway).  As I was driving, “Come Thou  Fount of Every Blessing” played and the words, “Hither by thy help I come, And I hope by thy good pleasure, Safely to arrive at home.”

The Scenery

How often in life, do we want to take the straight-shot A-to-B freeway route when Heavenly Father throws us a curve ball and makes us take backroads?  Sometimes those backroads have beautiful scenery and sometimes they are full of potholes and other obstacles.  That metaphor could go on and on (and it has).  I will allow you to get deeper into it if you like.  More importantly aside from the metaphorical scenery and the obstacles to overcome, it is only through following his guidance and those random promptings that we are able to “safely arrive at home.”  I don’t think I would have been involved in the accident but it definitely would’ve been frustrating to be stuck in a late night, hours long traffic jam after a long day at work.  Heavenly Father saved me a headache and taught me a lesson by prompting me to go a different way.