I was missing Elder Scott a little during Conference this past weekend.  I listened to one of his talks this morning.  In it, he says, “Why does the Lord want us to pray to Him and to ask? Because that is how revelation is received.”  That got me thinking a bit.

The Importance of Reaching Out

Two of my closest friends – other than Doug, I would say they are my best friends – rarely call me.  It is always me that needs to initiate contact.  And, usually, when I do call them, it isn’t for me to be able to talk but is because I want to get their take on something or find out what is going on with them.  They almost always say something that “fills my cup.”  If I don’t reach out to them, I don’t receive that boost, that “revelation” to help along my way.

In this metaphor, I’m not saying that Heavenly Father doesn’t ever “call” us.  Of course he does when there is a message that we need.  (Now, do we answer the phone?  That’s a whole different conversation.)  But, it is in our reaching out to him – putting some effort into it – that we get the extreme blessing of being able to get his take on things in our life.

The Importance of Gratitude

As an aside, lately LJ has been talking about how he doesn’t necessarily need to pray about what he is grateful for because “Heavenly Father already knows.”  I just thought of this so will have to bring it up – as parents, we know our kids are grateful for many things in our day to day life.  For example, we know they are grateful for dinner (at least if it is pizza or chicken nuggets and does not include a vegetable).  But, more than knowing, doesn’t it mean a bit more when they actually say, “Thank you for dinner.”