Dear John,

Yesterday morning, Spencer had meticulously set up a complicated game.  He proudly announced he was finished and wanted us to look at what he’d done.  Then, just to be mean, you came over, knocked it all down and stole a piece so that Spencer wouldn’t be able to set it up again.  Spencer screamed and you triumphantly shouted, “It’s my game!”

A few minutes later, we got in the car to go to school.  I reprimanded you severely and reminded you of answers you gave in FHE the night prior about the prophet asking us to be kind and how that is especially true in our family.  I wanted to make sure that you felt loved and appreciated and we talked a bit more about the following things but I wanted to record them here as well.

Buddy, I love you more than you can even understand and I want to keep you forever.  Do you get that?  I want us to be a forever family and even more, I want you to want that too.  Heavenly Father needs us, he needs you.  He doesn’t need just any 6-year old boy, he needs you.  There is a big, huge job chart in heaven and your name is all over it, kiddo.  You probably picked some of the jobs and you were probably assigned some others.  When I tell you not to do things or ask you to do other things, it isn’t to be mean to you or make it so you can’t have what you want.  I am trying to help you become the person Heavenly Father needs you to be, the person who can do those jobs and fulfill those callings.

I know that is true.  I know that Heavenly Father chose you for those jobs because of characteristics that you have.  Some of those characteristics push my buttons but I know they are there by design and are required for the obligations and opportunities you will have in this life.  You are an absolutely amazing young man and I know that you are going to do astounding things in this life.  You are ridiculously bright – absorbing all sorts of knowledge and retaining all the facts.  Even though you are only six (right now), you are one of the most altruistic people that I know.  Teachers and others have commented on your inherent ability to see ways to serve others before they even know they are needing help.  You are kind and sweet and, even at a young age, have an ability to recognize love languages and speak to people using theirs.  For example, in general, when Dad comes home he gets tackled by a tickle monster with a shout of “DAD!!!” but when I come home, I get a soft “Mama” and a gentle but tight hug.

I know that as you stay strong, this life will take you to great heights and make you an instrument in the hands of God.

I love you to the moon and back times infinity!