I have a very distinct memory of putting our eldest in his crib when he was a few weeks old and getting a strong impression that he needed to be a big brother. At the park today, his little brother was scared to climb this hill. He came up and said, “Will you climb it if I help you and hold your hand?” Little brother slipped a couple of times and there were some tears but his big brother helped him to dust off his hands and knees and get back up and give him a big high five when they got to the top.  The symbolism was not lost on me as I watched the benefits of siblings and the blessings they are to each other.

We too have an elder brother who helps us climb, wraps our wounds and cheers us along the mountainous terrain of life.  If we allow Him to, He will bind himself to us and guide us every step of the way.  How grateful I am for Him this Easter morning.