I had an interesting experience with revelation today.  For a few months, I’ve had some nagging issues so finally decided to go to the doctor and get evaluated.  As we discussed options, there were two very different classes of drugs that we could try.  As a pharmacist, I know quite a bit about drugs and made an educated choice for Option A.  As the day went on and I further considered risks vs benefits, likely side effects, and other factors, I started to feel uneasy about my choice.  But, the doctor had already sent the prescription to the pharmacy and I didn’t want to bug the medical office by requesting Option B.  (Sheesh…stop being a people-pleaser to your own detriment!)  I still didn’t feel good about it and the moment I got in my car to drive to the pharmacy, I had the thought of, “Don’t do this.  It isn’t worth it.  You know the side effect profile.”  Again, I thought “It is such a hassle to change it.”  (Although, really, it isn’t!) and “It’s just a few months trial and see how it goes.”  (Why am I such a blockhead sometimes?)  When I got to the pharmacy, they explained that they had not received a prescription for me.  The light bulb finally turned on.  “Oh…I’m not supposed to take this medication.”  I guess I’ll “bug” the medical office tomorrow and request a prescription for Option B.

The Risks of Ignoring Revelation

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking of the fact that I am allergic to a drug in the Option A Class.  My doctor and I discussed this and how I believe that it is probably an excipient (inactive ingredient) that I was allergic to and not the medication itself.   Besides, I know what to look for, (a progressively worsening rash) and to stop the medication if that happens.  The somewhat weird thing is that medication allergy is my only real allergy.  Cats make me sniffly and sometimes the seasons get me sneezing a little but as far as a true-blue allergy, that is the only one that I have.  Maybe that allergy was Heavenly Father’s way to make sure that I never took that class of medications. The main side effect issues are cardiovascular – stroke, pulmonary embolism, etc.  Maybe there are some other unknown factors in my life that would make me more susceptible to those and taking that medication would increase that risk.  Who knows if that’s it but it is interesting to consider.  We know that Heavenly Father works in mysterious ways.