I posted these pictures on Instagram about a week and a half ago but wanted to include them here as well.

My 6 year old wrote “August” on our calendar because he knows that I am a bit OCD about filling in the new week as soon as one has completed.  Our calendar is usually busy with my color-coded scheme to make sure we keep everything in check.  Of course, we have things happening in August but it isn’t as busy as usual and I have neglected to put up any of the weeks because I’m still waiting to see what happens.

Empty August calendar

Questions Answered and a Leap

At the beginning of May, I started working full-time.  This was extremely hard on my 6 year old and he demonstrated it as most 6 year old kids do – taking it out on his brother and becoming very disagreeable in general but especially at dinner and bed times.

One day, at the end of June, I was praying to know what to do about his behavior issues and what I could do to “fill his cup.” I was driving to work at the time and no answers were coming.  About 10 minutes in, I thought “Well, if you won’t answer that question, can I ask another?  What should I do about my work schedule when Doug finds a job after he finishes board exams?” The answer was clear – “Therein is your answer to your question about what to do about John.  Put in your notice for work and spend time with your kids.” I thought, “Umm…did you miss the when Doug finds a job part of that question?” A simple answer – “Have faith.” So, I did.  Tomorrow is my last day of regularly-scheduled gainful employment. (And both boys are so excited about me being able to be home at dinner and bedtime.) My husband has yet to find a job but I have faith and I have peace. We will see how our August pans out.

We all know that “faith without works is dead” and so I needed to write about my faith in regards to the calendar and then get working on my goals for this leap of faith.  One of my hopes is that we will be able to move soon. (Gutsy goal considering what I just mentioned about employment status but it’s there on my list.) So, I’m moving forward with faith and packing.  We have lots and lots of books so even if it takes us 8 months to move, we should at least get started on the books. (Sometimes I wonder why we keep them if we don’t need them for 8 months…) While packing, I came across this.

My first Book of Mormon

Answers from the Past

It is my very first book of Mormon given to me by Elder Morrill in Chicago.  See more about that here. (In other news, Elder Morrill is now a producer of the amazing show @randomactstv .) Also, included in the picture is the note the missionary who taught me, Elder Steoger, gave me when I set off to Utah to get baptized.  With the unique circumstances of my baptism, his mom and sister were able to attend.  (How cool for a missionary’s mom get to go to his convert’s baptism!  Of course, I didn’t know it was cool until I was a missionary myself.) And last, there is my ticket to General Conference from the day after I was baptized.  Such an amazing experience as very recent convert.

Finding this, while trying to move forward with faith in our current situation, reminded me of all the times during my conversion that I needed to trust and leap.  It boosted my confidence that, now in these days, I will be led as I continue with just “one step enough for me” by the light of the Spirit, directing me on the path meant for me and my family.

Our August is till completely up in the air but we are trying to do our best to not stress about it, have faith and focus on getting this time together.  It is rare that we will have time to spend our full days together.