Tree roots in the foreground and trees in the far background
Got roots? This afternoon, I was sitting on the bank of the river while my kids threw rocks, sticks and leaves in and watched them float away. I noticed that I was at the little cliff left when the water went down after the heavy spring/summer flows. There were all sorts of roots breaking through the dirt.

In life, we have all sorts of roots that help keep us grounded and also give us the energy for the things of life. Some of those roots are habits, some are places, some are friends and family. Take a moment to think about what roots you have. If it’s a person, take a moment to tag them and let them know you appreciate the “rooted-ness” they offer you.

The trees aren’t exactly close to where I was sitting. The trees had worked hard to get those roots all the way out there. Sometimes we have to stretch beyond our perceived abilities to get to the nourishment we require. A lot of times that stretching comes from difficulties and scarcity in our more proximal opportunities.
Some of the roots were as small as a coarse piece of hair. Sometimes it is the really small things, things we may pass off as insignificant, that really matter. See more thoughts on that from an LDS Living article I did a while back. What are some of the things that keep you rooted and grounded?