I heard this quote referenced on the Cultivate a Good Life podcast yesterday. (I listened to a few episodes yesterday and don’t quite remember which one. Maybe “The Power of No”?) When I heard the quote, I knew i wanted to find the reference.
Here’s a bit more context from the talk Elder Ashton gave – “Following one of our recent general conference sessions, a troubled mother approached me and said, “I need to know what is meant by the statement, ‘No success can compensate for failure in the home.’” Knowing a little of the burdens this friend of mine carries in her mind and heart because of a rebellious, wayward daughter, I shared this meaning with her: I believe we start to fail in the home when we give up on each other. We have not failed until we have quit trying. As long as we are working diligently with love, patience, and long-suffering, despite the odds or the apparent lack of progress, we are not classified as failures in the home. We only start to fail when we give up on a son, daughter, mother, or father.”

I love the compassion the backstory adds to the quote. And it makes me appreciate even more the phrase “despite the odds or the apparent lack of progress.” How often I have felt like a failure because it seems to be an insurmountable task or I don’t see any progression or change.

I am not a failure. YOU are not a failure. You are here. You may be struggling but… You are trying. You are showing up. You are asking the questions. You are searching for answers. You are cheering them on. You are praying. You are loving. You are TRYING. The one thing you are NOT doing is failing. Remember that! Reach out if you need to.