I was humbled as I realized that my preparation for this conference was a hinge point in my personal history. I felt changes in my heart. I felt new gratitude…I imagine that others are feeling, because of careful preparation, more joyful, more optimistic, and more determined to serve in any capacity needed by the Lord.

After the October 2019 General Conference, I started following a study group called “Inklings: A Hint of Something More” organized by Emily Freeman. The group was just the motivation and accountability I needed to stay focused on studying the subjects and items we were admonished to read by President Nelson during that conference.

As I participated in the April 2020 General Conference, I was so grateful that I’d taken the time to really immerse myself in that recommended reading and subject matter. The process expanded my testimony of the Law of the Harvest. In the same General Conference, Sister Joy D. Jones said, “As in times past, our journey does indeed take effort, hard work, and study, but our commitment to progress brings eternal rewards.”

We need to put in the work to gain the perspective that we need. The bible dictionary states that prayer is a form of work. Although, for me, anyway, that should include the caveat of “mighty prayer” is a form of work. If I’m putting in the effort to communicate with my Heavenly Father in such a way that I am worthy of a response, yes, that takes effort and thought. I need to remind myself of that too often. 

Faith without works is dead. In the book “As a Man Thinketh” James Allen states, “In all human affairs there are efforts, and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result.” What is the strength of your effort? What result are you hoping for? What can you do to prepare for this next General Conference? (Inklings is doing another study group focused on the bicentennial proclamation. You can find them on Instagram @Inklings.ahintofsomethingmore )