I’ve been thinking about this quote a lot lately. I tried to figure out what type of picture to use – a door that’s closing, a roadwork ahead sign, something. ⁠

Then it dawned on me – donuts. Donuts disappear FAST around our house. You have to act quick or be left out.⁠

So often in life, we’ll put something off because we want all the conditions to be perfect before we jump in. (You can find lots of quotes on that as well.) ⁠

Whether it’s a business venture or family planning or taking that trip we’ve always wanted to or countless other things, sometimes we get stuck in waiting-for-perfect paralysis. ⁠⁠Missionaries know this lesson all too well – having seen missed baptism dates and covenant making due to waiting for the perfect situation.

Sometimes the doors to those opportunities close and we are left wondering what might have been.⁠

The other day, David Butler posted on Instagram that his phrase at the beginning of the year was “because why not.” What opportunities do you have in front of you right now that you should give a shot “because why not”?⁠

Go for it. ⁠

Give it a shot. ⁠

I triple-dog dare you. (What’s that even mean? What’s with the dogs?)⁠

Then, tell me how it goes. I’d love for you to share!⁠