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Listed below are some options for potential topics. I can also work with you if there is a particular subject you want. Please contact me as far in advance as you can. Speaking is free but travel expenses may need to be compensated depending on distance. 


Chasing the Light: FInding and Clinging to the Gospel While Surrounded By Darkness

Being led to the gospel through unexpected and difficult circumstances, we will identify and discuss principles of divine potential, relying upon the Lord during times of adversity, and light overcoming dark.

Never Alone: Choosing to serve a mission with no family support

I’m the only member in my family and my family had no idea what I was doing or why. I didn’t hear from my parents often while I was gone but I did see how my service blessed their lives.  Some of this is included in the Ensign article “Never Alone” from February 2007.

You Want Me to Do What?: Following Through When the Lord Changes Your Plans

How to find encouragement and strength from scriptures and church leaders when asked to do something seemingly impossible or when things don’t work out the way you had planned.

Prioritizing the Family: Finding the Great Work of Your Life

Using guidance from church leaders, stories from the scriptures and “The Family: A Proclamation to the World,” we will discuss the needed emphasis of prioritizing the family during this time in history. We will identify principles regarding the importance of patience and divine direction in parenting.


Topic of Choosing

We can work on something for your specific audience based on which gospel principles you feel are most important.

Be Not Weary: Staying motivated when life gets hard

When Satan gives the fruit to Adam and Eve, he picks it for them and brings it to them. In the same sense, sin can be easy and appear enticing.  However, in the depictions of the Tree of Life, there is an obstacle course to try to get to the fruit.  In the same way, choosing the right course in life and trying to get your children to do the same, is often not the easiest one and we can easily grow weary in doing the little things that keep us on the path.

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