Pebbles of Light Podcast

There will be updates to this site as I get going but, for now, I figured done is better than perfect. In the meantime, the above audio and video clips are for the introductory episode. The most recent episode can be found in the player at the bottom of the screen. You can find all the episodes and more about the podcast on this site.  

Have you ever felt a bit lost during the dark times of life’s challenges? I know I have. I am so grateful for those friends, loved ones and even strangers that have provided me a pebble of light in the form of understanding and support. They have blessed my life…sometimes even more than they know! Seeing a little bright spot on the path has helped me to move forward when things are difficult.

Pebbles of Light strives to help you recognize those who have helped light your path and become the person you are. This helps you to have direction and courage in sharing your light with others. I’d love to hear more about your Pebbles of Light that have guided you or that you’ve placed for others. You can always find me on Instagram or Facebook or use the contact tab above.