016 Amplifying the Light of Others || Kay West & Becky Squire

A wonderful interview with Kay West of A Worldwide Sisterhood and Becky Squire of Latter-day Woman Magazine about finding ways to amplify the light of others. See full show notes for links to references and ways to support Pebbles of Light.

PEBBLE OF THE WEEK: Share some light – whether your own or that of a friend, whether on social media or just sending a thought to a friend through text, email, Marco Polo, or a good old-fashioned letter.

014 How to Manage the Ups and Downs When a Mission Is Cut Short || Neicia Silva & Trina Browning

If you were here last week, you heard a great interview with Trina Browning about her experience as a missionary mom. This week, we will be talking with Trina and her daughter Neicia about Neicia’s experience serving in the Zambia Lusaka Africa Mission. Neicia had wanted to go to a Third World country and she got her wish. While there, Neicia experienced some health problems and returned home early from her mission.

Please check the full show notes to links for resources about missionary work as well as products and businesses mentioned in the episode.

PEBBLE OF THE WEEK: Show kindness to others. Before you make a judgment, do your best to try to see things from another’s perspective.

013 You Are Hereby Called to Serve: Insights from a Missionary Mom || Trina Browning

Whether knocking on your door, riding a bike through your neighborhood, on a theater stage, or these days, on social media, you’ve likely seen some missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with their black nametags. Today we get to talk to a missionary mom and talk about what it’s like to send your kid to serve as a missionary. Check the full show notes for resources on the what, why, and how of missionaries as well as how to support Pebbles of Light.