Pebbles of Light
Pebbles of Light
019 Spreading Light Through Service to Others || Kelly McMurry

Kelly McMurry, founder of the nonprofit The Closet in Meridian Idaho, shares Pebbles of Light with countless youth by not only providing clothes for them but also helping them recognize their own light. 

PEBBLE OF THE WEEK: Help someone to recognize the love that God has for them – whether that is asking them something specific you can include in your prayers, dropping by to visit, or just sending them a text. When I was growing up, my friends and I would say, “God loves you and so do I.” We even would make it an acronym – GLY&SDI. Maybe just text that to a friend and see their response. 


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Kelly McMurry

Anne: [00:00:00] Thank you so much, Kelly, for being here on pebbles of light today, can you tell us a little bit of background about you and about The Closet?

[00:00:09] Kelly: [00:00:09] Well, hi Anne. Thank you so much for having me. A little bit about me. I live in Meridian. I’ve been married 31 years.

[00:00:16] I have two adult children, 19 and 22. They were much younger when I started the closet.  I have adult kids now I’m an empty nester even. So I’m kind of navigating what that looks like. Um, Professional career. I had been in banking for 15 years. I was a bank manager, um, in both San Francisco and Seattle.

[00:00:37] And then once I moved to Idaho 21 years ago, um, I became just a stay at home. Mom. I don’t want to say just a stay at home mom, um, to, to care for my children. And honestly, I really did that role well until my kids got into middle school. And then there was kind of less room for me. To, um, be part of their, every day at school.

[00:01:01] And so I started dreaming up what else I could do. And then that’s when the closet happened.

[00:01:07] Anne: [00:01:07] So tell us a little bit more about the closet and what all goes on there.

[00:01:12]Kelly: [00:01:12] The closet is a nonprofit that I started. I am the founder.  I started it in January of 2010 just with a desire to give back to our community, I will tell you that I have had a lifelong love of clothing since I was a little girl.

[00:01:27] I am one of four kids and all brothers. As you can imagine, being the only girl you get doted on with, extra outfits and accessories and girly type things.  From a very early age, I just was introduced to that world. I never thought that I would use it for good, until now.

[00:01:45] I feel that the teenage population, which is who we serve at the closet six to 12th grade are kind of a forgotten population. They are the kids that,  most care about what they look like in their clothing. Little kids, you know, they’ll take hand me downs. They don’t care.  But the teenage kids get sadly judged often by their peers on what they’re wearing.

[00:02:07] And a lot of their confidence comes in the way that they look. And so I felt a real need to give back to that population. Love on that population. When so many don’t want to deal with teenagers or, you know, they’re stinky, they got attitude. They just don’t want to invest in them. And I took a chance and decided that that was the population that I wanted to do, but I had to do it all over again.

[00:02:30] I’d do it exactly the same way. Same age population.  But let me tell you a little bit about what the closet is because I’m throwing that that out. And some may not even understand what it does. So it’s a nonprofit I founded and what our mission statement is, is to provide free clothing to teens in need.

[00:02:48]What we do is meet with teenagers in private one hour appointments, at the closet. And the closet is, is much more than just a closet. It’s most people walk in and go, Whoa, this is way bigger than I thought it was.

[00:03:01] And it is it’s about 2,500 square feet of retail space.  It is not open to the public. It is just by appointment, but these teens get to come in and shop and get a full hour to experience the store experience love from me and my volunteers, and just hopefully build some confidence in them, but also take care of a very basic need of just providing clothing.

[00:03:24]The kids are referred to me any number of ways.  I work very closely with school counselors. Because they’re the ones that sit down with these teams. For example, we may have a team named Josh, go in to see Mrs. Johnson and say, you know, this is Johnson. I’m not doing so great in my math class right now, I’m kind of failing.

[00:03:44] And she says, you know, Josh, I see that, what do we got going on? Well, as she sits down with him, there’s probably going to be some unveiling of something that’s going on at home. There’s some difficulty that’s contributing to that,  failing grade in his math class. So we might, you know, uncover there’s a divorce in the family.

[00:04:02]There is an illness in the family. Maybe they’ve been, kicked out. They’ve turned 18. A lot of times they’ve left the house. So there’s a lot of things that contribute to what’s going on  at school.  But Mrs. Johnson might also look down and go, Hey, Josh, buddy, you got a hole in your shoe. Did you know that?

[00:04:20] And he’s like, of course, I mean,

[00:04:22] yes,

[00:04:23] Kelly: [00:04:23] he does know that. And he’ll say something like my mom keeps saying, she’s going to get me a parrot her next paycheck, but that never happens. So Mrs. Johnson can then say something like, have you heard of the closet? It’s a place here in town that we have where you can go and shop for free and get some new shoes and get some clothing.

[00:04:44] And all you gotta do is give Kelly a call and she’ll get you set up.  That’s exactly what will happen. Josh will call or his parent or guardian or whoever needs to we’ll call and set up that appointment. And then he will come in and we will in fact have that private one hour appointment with him.

[00:04:59] Some people wonder why I do private appointments because surely you would see more kids if you just allowed a bunch of them to come in at once. And the answer is I would, you know, serve more people if I did a bunch at once, but the whole, idea of what we do of loving on these teens individually would be lost in that.

[00:05:20] I’m also very, very sensitive that somebody like Josh could come in, this could be his very first time having to shop at a place like the closet. Just a few months ago, she shopped at the mall, like all his other friends, but because of that divorce or illness or getting kicked out, he doesn’t have the opportunity to do that anymore.

[00:05:40] So now he has to go to this place called the closet to get clothing. That could be embarrassing to him if he were to run into somebody else he knew.  I’m very, very careful to, to allow that privacy for him to experience the closet in a way that feels safe and comfortable for him.  I got to tell you, we have amazing clothes that are donated by this community that we can provide to kids like Josh or, or, and I’m using Josh, but we do both boys and girls clothing.

[00:06:09] But we can offer some really, really amazing clothes to these kids that I really think they leave and feel very, very good and what they’ve selected.

[00:06:19] Anne: [00:06:19] And I’ve heard  about wonderful ways that you compliment and uplift these kids. You do a little extra bonus other than just giving them some clothes.

[00:06:29]You kind of go beyond to, I think, really see them as, as God would see them in some ways.

[00:06:35] Kelly: [00:06:35] Absolutely. I do. We are God centered in everything that we do there.  But one of the little things that we do, big things that we do honestly, is that when these kids are trying on their clothes, , we have dressing rooms.

[00:06:47] So when they’re in there trying on their clothes, I use that time to pick out from a whole library of scripture cards that I have. They are literally just business sized cards. That offers some scripture and hope and encouragement on them. And so while Josh, for example, is in the dressing room, I’m going to write a special note on the back.

[00:07:07] Hey Josh, it was so awesome to shop with you at the closet. I love those blue Nike’s. You’ve found something that’s just personalized, have a great senior year. That kind of thing. I’m gonna stick that little scripture card down in his shopping bag. Okay. I’m not gonna say anything about it. It’s just going to go at the bottom of the bag.

[00:07:24] All of his clothes are going to go on top of it. When he gets home, he is going to pull out these clothes. And then at the bottom, he’s going to find this little card. He’s got to pick it up. He’s going to read it and, you know, see, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me or for, I know the plans I have for you.

[00:07:44] He’s going to read it and think that’s kinda dumb. What did, why is that in my shopping bag? And he’s going to turn it over more than likely and see that Kelly wrote a personal note to him. And so suddenly it’s like, ah, man, she was nice. That was a good experience. If that card wasn’t important to the him right there that day, I believe it’s just going to get tossed on his dresser or toss, you know, somewhere in his room.

[00:08:09] Until the day that he does need to see it. And I,  trust that God will, will reveal himself through that encouragement to him on that day, when he really comes home from school, failing out of that class, or his girlfriend has broken up with him or he’s in his bedroom with the door closed and his parents are fighting like crazy.

[00:08:30] On the other side of the door. Again, my hope is that card, for, I know the plants I have for you or whichever one I have chosen reveals itself on that day. And for that moment, he sees it in a whole new way. He’s reminded of the love that we gave him at the closet. And that encouragement that’s written on that card and I’ve had too many kids and that have come in.

[00:08:55] So I can tell you that kids come every day, they can come back every four months. So we allow them to come each season, to shop at the closet. So as you can imagine, we start to build relationship from the time that came before and that sort of thing. Well, I always done these scripture cards since the very beginning.

[00:09:13] And some kids will say to me, Well, I had one boy, for example, I had checked in, we checked them out, put all his clothes in the bag and he said, Hey, did you put one of those little cards in there? And I looked back at him that said I did, but you know, it’s supposed to be a surprise if you’ve been there before you kind of know it’s there.

[00:09:34] But I looked at him and said, I did put one in there. He said, okay. I was hoping because I’ve saved every one that you’ve ever given me. And I have seven of them so far, and I’ve put them in a picture frame at my, that I take with me. Now, this team has been homeless. He has been moved around from house to house, to house two cars.

[00:09:56] He tells me he picks up that frame and takes it with him everywhere. He goes. It, I mean, every residence he’s had. That frame has come with him. So that tells me that, that we need to continue doing it. This really is making a difference to these kids. And,  yeah, I just feel such a privilege to do what I do and, and just love on these kids the way I do.

[00:10:18] In addition to those scripture cards at the very end of the appointment, after we bagged up all their clothes, I keep a little journal, and I’m going to already have that journal opened up. And Josh’s name is going to be written right there. So with pen in hand, I’m going to look at Josh and say it was so awesome to shop with you today.

[00:10:38] I really enjoyed meeting you.  You know, I’m just going to share something about the experience, but I’m say Josh, one of the things I like to do for all the families that shop here is I like to pray for them. So I’ve already got your name written down in this prayer journal. Can you tell me how I can pray for you this week?

[00:10:57] And I will tell you, I have seen close to 6,000 teens at the closet. I’ve seen probably every yet reaction. You can imagine when I, when I asked that question, so I have some that look back at me, which is. You know, I’s like, I have no idea with the shrug of the shoulder. Like, I don’t know. I don’t know, because they think there’s a right answer to that question.

[00:11:21] And in my opinion, there is no right answer. I mean, there was nothing too big or small for God, so.  I’ll help them along. If, if they’re not terribly resistant to it, they just seem kind of like, I don’t know what the right answer is. I help them because I believe this can be a really beautiful moment to show them what asking somebody, how I can pray for you.

[00:11:41] Looks like. And so I will,  say, Hey, how’s how’s school going. And I can tell you most of the kids. I see,  have some challenge somewhere in school. So I’ll say,  as a joke, I say how’s math because it’s on every other page in here and that kind of gets, you know, a little laugh and it’s true. Math is often asked for in prayer.

[00:12:03] And so, , he will say yes, math, I could use some help in math. So I’ll start writing math down. And while I’m writing that in my journal, then I hear him say,  I got an English paper due on Thursday and I haven’t even started it. And I don’t know what to do. Okay. So I’ll write that while I’m writing that he says my grandpa just got out of a hospital.

[00:12:25] Okay. So I write that while I’m writing that. And he says, my relationship with my dad kind of stinks right now. And I’ll write that. And so we went from a place of looking at me with a, I don’t know, I don’t know how to answer that tool, full paragraph of how I can pray for them. I will also say that some of those teams come back, and to share with me crazes, that answered prayer through those journals that they’ll say, do you remember last time you prayed for me this?

[00:12:53] And you know, and it came, it happened, it really happened. And I was like, well, praise God. And so when we start our prayer journal, when they share that, I’ll say, you know, I’d love to give praise and prayer. And so I’m going to start out this first, first, , journal entry here with let’s give praise for answered prayer, and then you give me some more things that I can pray about.

[00:13:13] So again, God has given me a tremendous privilege,  to just invest in the lives of these youth and their families. And it just, it just feels special even 11 years later. Hmm.

[00:13:24] Anne: [00:13:24] I love that the, the purge journal, it really reminds me of a quote that says the Lord knows each of us individually, and those each of each of us infinitely, he knows us one by one and named by name and just that idea of writing each name down.

[00:13:40] And giving those, giving those children that, that individual love to help them know that they’re, they are seen and they are loved by God.

[00:13:49] Kelly: [00:13:49] Absolutely. Absolutely.

[00:13:51] Anne: [00:13:51] And helping them go ahead.

[00:13:54] Kelly: [00:13:54] I just, I hope that is what they see through that question. I mean, my goal and,  ultimately is not to be churchy or religious or anything to them, but God is so big in my life.

[00:14:05] I can’t help but share that. But my ultimate goal for every person that walks through the closet is to be loved to them. So I just want to be loved to every single teen. I want them to leave there and say, Wow. She was really nice. They were really nice. They really loved on me and unconditionally because sometimes they come in and they’re a little bit, they got a little bit of attitude.

[00:14:29] They’re not really the most lovable, but I love when I have a teen come in with arms crossed, not even able to make eye contact with me so much in the beginning. And you know, if it’s Josh, I’ll say. Hey, Josh, it’s good to meet you. I’m Kelly. Welcome to the closet, Josh, may, you know, really just like I said, crossed arms, not looking at me, just kinda like, Hey, it doesn’t really, you can tell.

[00:14:54] He just really doesn’t want to be there. My favorite responses when somebody like that gives me a hug at the end that they initiate. Because it turned into this beautiful hour of, wow. That wasn’t anything like I thought it was going to be, it just became a beautiful, beautiful time together. So I, I really feel like there’s so much,  to be celebrated there that, we can invest in these kids.

[00:15:18] And, and let me also say one thing I want to make sure I mentioned, because you had said earlier, That, we do so much more than clothing that we’re kind of investing on a bigger level. And I told you some ways we do that through the scripture card in the purge journal, but it can also be the really simple thing and have that teen walking out of the dressing room, wearing that, you know, put trying on some new clothes and showing us what that outfit looks like.

[00:15:46] And we’re close by. We’re usually just in our little checkout area. But to turn around and I really honestly say, Oh my goodness, look at you. You look amazing in that. And I can just see this wash a confidence, come over that team. And they just kinda like, they’re kinda like surprised by our reaction that we’re, you know, really saying that much to them, but we really, really see that beauty in them.

[00:16:13] And so we can say, you look amazing. But what we really realize is that no, one’s probably given that kind of compliment to that team today, this week, this month, this year, this lifetime, because these teens don’t always have the support at home of somebody loving on them and investing in them. So that’s when it really feels like a privilege that we could give back to them.

[00:16:37] And just in that one hour, make them feel very, very special.

[00:16:41] Anne: [00:16:41] Yeah. And I, I feel like that’s a prayer that’s nearly, always answered is, going into a situation and asking God to help you treat someone or see someone as he sees them. Absolutely. And I used to before COVID, when it was a little bit easier, I do this little experiment where I would go into the situation.

[00:17:04] With a prayer of my heart, of, of God. What would Dow have me say to this person? And,  it was an amazing experience to not only see people in a different way and. Sometimes it was things that were out of my comfort zone. I hugged a stranger on the Greenbelt because I felt inspired that this, this person needed a hug.

[00:17:25] So I walked up to her and I said, I feel like you could use a hug right now. So if you need a hug, I’m here. You know, it was very awkward, but then that person started to cry and nodded their head. And, um, but to also. Gain a greater understanding of how God talks to me, but also to be able to really see people, because he’s not going to inspire you to say something that you don’t genuinely feel.

[00:17:53] And so say someone comes in and they look kind of gruff around the edges or whatever, as you get to that point where you’re about to compliment them, like you get those eyes. To see them to see beyond that gruff, exterior, or those different feelings. And you’re able to see them who they, who they truly are and how they are so valued.

[00:18:14] Kelly: [00:18:14] Agreed. We are beautiful in his sight and yeah. God has much better eyes than I have to look at. Look at all of these kids. But I am trying really hard to be the best I can be the most Christ-like I can be in the way that I see them speak to them, hear them and love on them. So, and I do surrender daily.

[00:18:35] Just, just use me, use me as you would have me be used today by you. God, because I, I mean that, that is all I want to do is just be pleasing to him and be his love and hands and feet to, to those who need it. So I think that’s so important that we do surrender that, daily to just allowing him to work through us, because so much of what I do is not really me, almost all of it really is just God working through me.

[00:19:07] So yes, those words that come out of my mouth, I believe the spirit has really helped me to form those words, to form that opinion, to, to be able to, to so graciously love. The way I do is, is all coming from him.

[00:19:22] Anne: [00:19:22] Yeah. Do you have any favorite stories that you’d be able to share about someone who’s come in or maybe a repeat customer and watching a change in someone?

[00:19:32] Kelly: [00:19:32] Well, I mean, I have 6,000 stories, truly that I have seen. Every team that I see has a story. , I don’t know that I ha I hate when somebody asks me to, to say a favorite because they’re all favorites. But I had, knowing that you would probably ask me that I just kind of dug not too far back, but I wanted to look at, some recent stories that I posted about on my social media that impacted me,  greatly that I felt it needed to be shared.

[00:20:01] So I’m going to read you one of those entries that I put in, because I think it’s just, It’s just super powerful. And I just think, just let me, let me share this story with you. So this was what I had wrote just,  about a month ago. Tonight was a powerful night of appointments, all of them, but one especially is on my heart tonight.

[00:20:22] My 6:00 PM was with a middle-school boy who was visiting the closet for the first time. To be honest, he didn’t seem three thrilled to be there. No matter my assistant and I poured out love and intention to him during his visit, he would not try on his clothes, but I was confident the sizes he picked were correct.

[00:20:41] So I didn’t push the issue. He left with a big bag of clothes that I hoped he would enjoy fast forward to 45 minutes after he left. And I get a text from his mom. I would share that text with you. But honestly, there are too many identifiers and I fiercely protect the identity identity of these teens.

[00:21:02] Her texts revealed, he cried on the way home because of the amazing items he was given. He didn’t try on because he had been bullied for far too long about his body and told his mom he couldn’t believe how kind we were. He immediately washed his clothes when he got home. Something, his mom said he had never done on his own.

[00:21:23] So they, so that they would be ready to be worn tomorrow. And one of the things he was most grateful for new underwear, think about that for a minute. New underwear. I think it’s safe to say the incredible Nike’s and the new joggers were a hit too. It’s also also safe to say that God has given me such a privilege.

[00:21:43] I’m forever grateful that I get to love on the teens of my community. Time and time again. To God, the glory. And so that’s just a one glimpse of just one teen that, you know, just came in with reservations one-on-ones that probably had those crossed arms. Wouldn’t look me in the eye and also didn’t try on his clothes.

[00:22:03]I didn’t push him to try on his clothes and I’m again, I’m going to give God the credit on that because I’m usually a stickler that you need to try on. But for some reason that night I didn’t push him because I felt like the clothes he picked were probably pretty good. And, you know, to come to find out he had real,  insecurities about his body.

[00:22:22] He had been bullied since fourth grade and his mom said that he wears a jacket and rarely ever takes it off because he’s bullied so badly.  It was just, , it was just a moment, honestly, this many teams later, I still learn things every week.  Just loving on these teams and how I can better love on them.

[00:22:42] And I’m so grateful that I listened to that voice that said, don’t push them, try on the clothes, because there was a reason for it, but you can see the impact that it made on him, that he got some clothes that fit him, that he feels good in. And, yeah, we just,  my assistant and I that were there. We’re both just so privileged to be able to love on that team that night.

[00:23:01] Hmm.

[00:23:02] Anne: [00:23:02] Thank you for sharing that. Yeah. What lesson. Or lessons. Do you feel that you have been most impactful in your life that you’ve learned through. This nonprofit,

[00:23:15] Kelly: [00:23:15] Oh gosh, 11 years of lessons.  I think my, heart has changed. I think I’m more sensitive to hurting people for sure. Used to live in San Francisco, California.

[00:23:28] And there was a lot of homeless people there. I was working at a bank. I worked in the financial district. I mean, I honestly had to step over homeless people half the time just to get to work because they were sitting on the street. I didn’t give any attention to them. I didn’t give them a smile. I didn’t give them any part of my day.

[00:23:48]I don’t look at anybody. That way anymore. So I just think hurting people are just so heavy on my heart. So I believe my heart’s been changed to just be more compassionate towards others. Not all the clients that come to the closet are homeless and not all of them are the ones that are standing on a street corner.

[00:24:07] In fact, very few are. Most of the homeless families I see are doubled up with another family, living in a car or a motel. Yeah. Honestly, the kids that come in don’t look any different. Then my teens that, I mean, this really don’t, they’re, they’re giving their best effort to fit in and look like the rest, but man, do they have challenges?

[00:24:28] So I think it’s just giving me a different perspective, that, that hurting doesn’t always, it’s not always really visible and easy for you to see, but so many of us are carrying just challenges daily. So I think my heart’s and softened, I, Oh, I, I just, the lessons probably go online. I think I’ve, I’ve learned to love my family and appreciate them differently because I see so many broken families and, family units that aren’t together anymore and it’s made me so, so very grateful for, for what I have in my kids and my husband that loves me.

[00:25:04], and then just, you know, extra gratefulness for what. I’ve been given a home. I have a roof over my head. I have a car to drive.  I have people that love me. I’m not in an abusive situation. I mean, there’s just, it’s just allowed me to, connect with God and give him things for just the way that he’s using me and,  providing for me and loving me daily.

[00:25:29] Anne: [00:25:29] Thank you for all the wonderful work that you do in our local community. We’re both in the same spot. In what ways can people reach out to help you? I know you’ve got a website, the closet Inc. Link the closet, Is that correct? And there is correct there’s information there too, to help out what w what options are there for people to, to help support you in this mission?

[00:25:51]Kelly: [00:25:51] Well, there’s a lot of ways that you can support me. I mean, I I’m always, you know, reliant on clothing donations. So the community is who supplies that to me. I do have some retailers that support me as well. So, you know, if anyone listening is, has got access through retail partnerships, that’s always a awesome way to, to help me, So the clothing, I mean, financial donations, donations are what we rely on to our rent is paid by this community.

[00:26:22] So when I took on this space,  I’ve only been in the space I’m in about three years.  But when I took that on, I literally went to everyone I knew and asked if they could do $25 a month, $10 a month. Anything a month and enough of them said yes, and all of that money pulled together, adds up to what I need to pay monthly for my rent.

[00:26:44] So anyone that’s in a position that they feel they would like to partner with us financially, any amount is,  We are grateful for, and that there’s a portal through our website that that can be done. We do on occasion have volunteer opportunities, but we’ve got a pretty solid team of volunteers right now.

[00:27:04] So we’re, we’re doing pretty well there, but I think, you know, and prayer, honestly, prayer would be huge. I mean, praying for. For our,  for the closet, for the teens, for the families, for our we’re volunteer run for the most part. And so for these beautiful people that have come around me to invest in these kids, some, some of my volunteers work all day.

[00:27:28], and then at the end of the day, they come and do the closet. I mean, that makes for a really long day for some of my volunteers. So I’m especially grateful for those ones, but,  and just pray for, you know, we, we deal with tough stuff. I mean, we see heartaches. And just for us to be able to, continue on and, and be,  a light for each one that comes in without being burdened by somebody’s circumstances.

[00:27:53] The, I, I coach my team often that these are not our burdens to carry.  Our God is big enough to carry all of it. So we just need to give it up to him. And I try to encourage that. But as you can imagine, day in and day out of seeing heartaches. It’s hard. So prayer, prayer would be a really nice thing for us to be on with people.

[00:28:16] Anne: [00:28:16] And we can do that. Thank you. So the last question is always,  about the pebbles of light. The purpose of pebbles of light podcast is to celebrate those relationships that have helped to brighten our path and in turn helps us to light the past of others and Kelly. It certainly seems that you are.

[00:28:35] Being such a pebble of light for so many people, whether that’s those teens that come in, their families, the counselors and people that you work with, the volunteers that you work with, just sharing your story. I feel that you’ve been a pebble of light to so many in this community, but who are some of the people who have been pebble of light for you?

[00:28:54] Kelly: [00:28:54] Wow. That’s a big question with probably a really, really big answer. Long list of people have rallied around me. Again, I told you I started this 11 years ago. there’s so many that day one invested in me through any number of ways. But it showed their support to me, but I think more recently. And what has really,  I’ve come to realize when I’m at the closet and I’m looking at, I mean, you should see this space.

[00:29:25] It’s amazing.  The store is set up very much with many racks of clothing. We have displays, we have mannequins. It really looks like a store, but sometimes when I’m there all alone and no one else is there and I’m in this big space. I am overwhelmed with the level of support I’ve received from this community.

[00:29:47], I look at rack after rack, after rack of clothing and our racks are full. So let’s take, you know, rack number one and it has, you know, 125 items hanging on it. That’s potentially 125 people that have donated to the closet so that we could turn around and give that out, then go to the next rock. We’ve got another, you know, 75 items there.

[00:30:09] So now we have 200 twenty-five people that have had their hands on what we do with the closet. So I don’t think there’s enough recognition for those that are contributing to make the closet successful.  I see light in the closet through so many.  Donations that have come in and I’m just so grateful and, and, and most of those people give and they don’t ever really get to see the receiving end of it.

[00:30:34] I do get to see that, but I can’t thank my community enough for just rallying around me for seeing the good in what we’re doing and believing in us and supporting us how they can.

[00:30:48] Anne: [00:30:48] Great. Thank you so much for being here, Kelly. I really appreciate you taking time to come talk with us.

[00:30:53] Kelly: [00:30:53] Thank you. And I appreciate you letting me share this story