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013 You Are Hereby Called to Serve: Insights from a Missionary Mom || Trina Browning

Whether knocking on your door, riding a bike through your neighborhood, on a theater stage, or these days, on social media, you’ve likely seen some missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with their black nametags. Today we get to talk to a missionary mom and talk about what it’s like to send your kid to serve as a missionary. 

PEBBLE FOR THE WEEK: If you know the mom of a missionary, reach out to her and let her know that you appreciate all that she is doing to allow her child to serve – especially with all that is going on with the pandemic. If you don’t know the mom of a missionary, next time you see some missionaries out on the street or knocking on your door or on your social media feed, think of how their mom and let them know that their mom loves them.


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